Soup dumpling! Xiao Long Bao!

London UK



(Featured picture from Google)

As a food obsessed dumpling, I must of course recommend you my favourite – dumplings!


Lets ease everyone in with a few of their delicious looks, along with other dishes…

From ‘Dumpling’s Legend’, Chinatown London UK.
From ‘London Chinatown’, Chinatown London UK.

Came from Shanghai, China, these soup dumplings with the alternative name of ‘Xiao Long Bao’ has certainly captivated my heart in whole. These pork/ chicken filled buns with the soft tender fillings and high-in-calories soup are making my mouth water just thinking about it. (Sorry to those who are vegetarian/ vegan, because there is no alternative option that slightly resembles these little beauties. I will update if I do find some.)

So, where is the best place to eat these little beauties in Chinatown with all of these similar looking dim sum places?

My recommendation would be at Dumpling’s Legend. Despite the cheapest (May 2017) is London Chinatown, the quality was shown in proportionate to the price itself. Hence it would be a good place to go if you are low on cash/ on a budget like me, but you would not get the full experience with the luxurious soup that Dumpling’s Legend would have at their Xiao Long Bao.

But just before you head off, I would like to remind you that Dumpling’s Legend serves their Xiao Long Bao at a tray of 8 (so it might be best to go in a group if you want to eat others by sharing) and that the the ‘crab powder’ doesn’t actually make a difference to the taste as the simple pork/ chicken ones they have, other than the price and the slight difference in appearances.

What are you waiting for?

Lets go!


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